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Our Team

Riccardo AccorneroRiccardo Accornero
Managing Partner
Riccardo is an Italian businessman who has moved to Florida bringing with him 30+ years experience in real estate and property management, having worked principally in the hospitality and commercial sectors.
Riccardo was born in Northern Italy, where he got his start in the real estate industry managing his family’s portfolio of hotels and residential apartments at the young age of 20.
In 2014 he moved his business to the UK expanding into commercial properties.
Riccardo has an enterprising spirit and a passion for real estate management. His open and friendly attitude combined with his skills and experience create great value for his partners and clients.
Riccardo’s other interests include motorsports, family time, and great food.

Umberto AccorneroUmberto Accornero
Managing Partner
Umberto is an enterprising young man, who is driving his family’s transition to business and success in America.
Born in Northern Italy and raised in the UK, Umberto is a true student of the world, with fluency in English, Italian, French and German languages. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.
Since 2014, he has worked with his father, Riccardo, in the family business in the UK, building an excellent foundation of experience and business skills.
In his leisure time, Umberto loves sports, including Judo and Alpine Skiing, and like his father, motorsport is his greatest passion.

Raffaella Falcone
Manager Assistant/Bookkeeper
Raffaella is an Italian entrepreneur who has moved to Florida with her husband Riccardo and son Umberto.
She brought with her a 25+ year experience in the hospitality sector and in residential properties developing and management made alongside her husband.
Raffaella was born in Northern Italy and right after her high school diploma she pursued the educational work path working as a primary school teacher for nearly 5 years. She then moved up working in her city Town Council for more than 10 years where she accumulated a lot of experience in dealing with customers. As a result, she is very experienced with Italian laws and nonetheless immigration ones.
In her free time, she loves cooking and coming up with new and innovative recipes. She also loves to read especially thriller books.

Jorge Borges
Jorge has been a Real Estate Investor and Landlord in New Jersey for over 10 years.
He is a licensed Realtor in the State of Florida and holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.
Jorge moved to the State of Florida two years ago for a career in his field.
Jorge lives in Sunny South Florida with his wife Iliana and his two sons. He enjoys going to the beach and traveling to Caribbean and Disney with his family.